Hydrologic Cycle

Diputación de Alicante


Area of Water. Hydrologic Cycle

‘Diputación de Alicante’, through the Area of Hydrologic Cycle, takes care of characterizing the situation of the provincial water resources and giving technical assesment to local administration, as well as building hydraulic infraestructures which provide service to municipalities, like corresponds to the Provincial Institution (‘council of the municipal councils’).


The Area of Hydrologic Cycle has a highly qualified staff, as well as technical material necessary for field- and lab-work. The remote system to monitor in real time, via internet, the functioning of water infrastructures sited in the different provincial municipalities.

Data obtained through the remote system and all general hydrological information acquired through the activity of the Area of Hydrologic Cycle is stored in the database of Water of ‘Diputación de Alicante’, which can be accessed via internet.


The water policy in the province has two main objectives:

– The exploitation of the province’s water resources.
– The optimal water management in the municipal and provincial ambit.

In order to achieve such objectives, the Area of Hydrologic Cycle promotes investments in different initiatives, studies and projects, which are grouped into 5 actuation lines:

Water Resources. Hydrological, hydrogeological and water management studies in order to program and to plan the infrastructure and rules needed to satisfy water demands and preserve this resource in quantity and quality.

Municipal-level Management and Technical Assesment to the municipalities. ‘Diputación de Alicante’ conducts studies and builds facilities aimed to achieve the optimal hydrologic cycle management at the different municipalities. The objective is to satisfy the different demands with the minimum cost and maximum water and energy saving.

Infrastructures. Create the necessary infrastructure so that no intra-provincial resource-dependent town suffers from water restrictions, even in extreme drought conditions. Create alternative infrastucture for those extra-provincial resource-dependent towns.

Diffusion and Public Awareness. Organization of Conferences and contests related to the Water and Environment sectors sponsored by ‘Diputación de Alicante’, Municipal Councils and other provincial entities. Promotional campaigns are also conducted to promote the rational use of water. Technical reports are also published in order to increase the information to create awareness about the importance of water in society.

Technological development. Hydrologic software. Analysis, optimization and technological integration.