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Government Limitations on the Tajo-Segura Transfer

A transfer of 19.6 hm3 has been recommended for December by the “CEDEX”, Technical Advisory Committee of the MITEC. However, this transfer has been limited by the Government to only 7.5 hm3, exclusively for urban supply, being the agricultural use excluded.

The criterion used for this decision is the poor ecological status of the “Mar Menor”, related to agricultural pollution, something unsustainable from a technical point of view:

– First of all, the irrigators of a very large area are damaged, not only those of the Mar Menor area.

– Secondly, it is neither rigorous nor fair to hold the situation of the “Mar Menor” exclusively for irrigated agriculture. But, in addition, it is incorrect in response to the hydrogeological operation of the area to think that the reduction of irrigation in the Mar Menor environment will have some short-term effect on the quality of its waters.

It should be remembered that according to article 1 of Royal Decree 773/2014, the Entrepeñas and Buendía reservoirs at the beginning of the month were (and are still currently) at level 3. At this level, referred to as an exceptional hydrological situation, the organ competently may discretionary and motivated authorize a transfer of up to 20 hm3 /month.

The continuation of the Tajo Segura Transfer will continue to be defended from the Diputación de Alicante, given its socioeconomic and environmental importance.

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